Miami Dade College’s 40th Miami Book Fair (MBF) will take place from November 12-19, 2023, in downtown Miami. This highly anticipated event, recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious book fairs in the country, attracts thousands of literature enthusiasts, authors, and publishers from all over the world.

The Miami Book Fair is not just an ordinary book fair; it’s a vibrant celebration of literature, culture, and community. With a rich history spanning four decades, the fair has become a beloved tradition for book lovers and a platform for established and emerging authors to share their work and engage with a diverse audience.

In addition to a grand display of books from various genres, the Miami Book Fair offers an array of exciting activities and events. Attendees can look forward to thought-provoking panel discussions, book signings, interactive workshops, and insightful lectures by renowned writers and intellectuals. There is something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned reader, a budding writer, or simply someone who appreciates the power of storytelling.

One of the highlights of the Miami Book Fair is the unveiling of its official poster, which captures the spirit and essence of the event. For the 40th anniversary, Miami-based Peruvian artist and graphic designer José Chocce was selected to create a visually stunning and captivating artwork. Chocce’s artistic vision combined with his cultural background promises to create a poster that resonates with the dynamic energy of Miami and the diverse literary community it fosters.

So mark your calendars and immerse yourself in a week-long celebration of literature, ideas, and inspiration at the 40th Miami Book Fair. It’s an event that will leave you with lasting memories and a renewed appreciation for the power of words and storytelling. Get ready to embark on an incredible literary journey in the heart of Miami!

The 2023 MBF Poster & Artist

A highlight of every Miami Book Fair is the selection of a different artist each year to create a remarkable work of art that embodies the essence and spirit of MBF. This year, the prestigious honor of designing the fair’s emblematic artwork has been bestowed upon Jose Chocce. With roots from Peru and currently based in Miami, Jose Chocce is a highly talented artist and graphic designer who is currently pursuing a senior year in the coveted BFA in graphic design program at New World School of the Arts.

Chocce’s artistic journey is marked by a deep exploration and interrogation of the persistence of visual systems that surround us in our daily lives. Through his captivating creations, he strives to distill complex content into visual clarity, allowing it to become embedded within our memories. Drawing inspiration from various disciplines such as minimalism, illustration, and design, Chocce masterfully weaves together different mediums to express his artistic vision.

What sets Chocce apart is his ability to infuse his work with a vibrant and playful energy, capturing the imagination of the viewers and inviting them into a world of wonder and contemplation. Whether it be through his thought-provoking illustrations, meticulously crafted designs, or innovative graphic compositions, Chocce’s creations are bound to captivate and inspire.

As the chosen artist for this year’s Miami Book Fair, Chocce’s artwork promises to be a captivating embodiment of the fair’s ethos, creating a visual centerpiece that not only represents the spirit of the event but also acts as a source of inspiration and joy for all who attend. Stay tuned as Chocce’s creativity unfolds, offering an exquisite visual experience that celebrates the power of art and literature.